What Does It Take To Be A Professional Pet Groomer?

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Working as a pet groomer is a great job for people who love animals and enjoy being in an active, interesting environment. While this profession may not be the same as working as a professional hairdresser, it is still a rewarding career to be passionate about especially for animal lovers. But just like any profession with animals, be prepared for hard work and getting your hands dirty when you have to.

Getting Trained and Starting OutFirst find out as much as possible about what it takes to become a professional pet groomer. If possible, get an apprenticeship at a good local pet salon in your area before getting enrolled in any kind of professional course. You will need to learn to clean, wash and brush a pet’s coat effectively to remove dust and dirt and even clean their eyes and ears too. Trimming their nails is also important – all of the main duties require a lot of patience and the ability to remain calm when dealing with difficult animals.

Being Passionate and Creative About Your JobThose who first get into dog grooming will not find things as easy as it seems, but being passionate and enjoying your job is an important part of the process. At first you might have to take care of smaller jobs, since the salon will not give you to work on pets at once and learning to trim and cut fur efficiently will take time. Some owners might want more fancy cuts complete with bows or pet accessories, whereas others just prefers simple maintenance.

Get More Familiar With Pets Before deciding to become a professional dog groomer in Singapore, try to volunteer at animal shelters or even become an assistant at a pet grooming salon to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of dog breeds and how to care for them. This can be a great way to get deeper into the subject and gain some professional experience as well – getting more involved with animal behaviour and physical care will improve your ability to deal with animals better.

Career ProspectsThese days people enjoy treating their pets as members of the family and having pets that are well-groomed – so as long as people have pets, career prospects will always be around. It is also important analyse the competition, industry and market if you are planning on opening up your own place. Before getting into a full-time career do some thorough research on the subject and try to get some good experience or follow a course if you need to.