Techniques Of Advertising For Small Businesses

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What is the point of a good product without letting people know about it? The first thing when it comes to a business start-up is building a strong customer base. To collect your customers, you need make sure you let the word out about your business. So here are some of the easiest techniques of advertising you could use to spread the word.

1. Flyers
This is the cheapest and easiest method you could take up. All you need to do is design your flyers, get them printed, choose an area where you feel potential customers are around and simply distribute them among people and drop them in every mailbox within reach. You flyers should be brief with only the necessary information about the product along with your contact details, since people hardly like to read long paragraphs. Make sure you use vibrant and eye catching colours so it could easily grab attention of people. You could also include a discount coupon on every flyer. The disadvantage of this is that it is not a video marketing method.

2. Posters
Most malls, super markets and other public places offer space for such posters. This is a method where you could reach many people at the same time. Posters too should be brief so that people passing by could quickly take a glance. Make sure you choose a reasonably visible spot.

3. Referral networks
Referral networks are invaluable to a business since people would rather listen to another person giving positive feedback about your product, rather than you yourself putting up posters and saying it’s the best in the market. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising method. Referrals do not mean only customer referrals. Business-to-business referrals are equally important too. For example, if another business does not sell a certain product and you do, they could recommend your business.

4. Internet
The internet is one of the strongest and fastest ways of advertising nowadays. You advertisement could be shared by millions in a minute. You can put up posters as well as a video production so that people could take up a clear idea of your product.

5. Follow up
Most businesses forget their customers immediately after the sale. That would not build up a good customer relationship since they would not retain in your business. A follow up questionnaire is the best method. You can ask them how they got to know about your product, any weaknesses in the product, any other companies she has considered to buy the product from etc. This will let your customers know that you still do take care of their needs and hence would become loyal customers.