Spring Cleaning In Your Home

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Most young people are so very busy with their full time jobs and their busy lives that cleaning up their homes is not usually a priority in this day and age. Although in the past, women would stay at home and our homes would be spotless, in this modern day and age, a spotless tidy home is not very common because women and men alike work long hard hours to try and earn enough of money to sustain themselves and their small families. Therefore, end of year or spring cleaning becomes an annual family tradition.

Unfortunately this is a common problem in almost every home and home owners around the world are constantly stressed out over the sheer amount of clutter in their homes with no place to store them. The worst part of it is that most of this clutter consists of belongings and things that the homeowner actually needs and therefore throwing it all away is not always an option.

Garage sale
When cleaning up and clearing your home, one great idea is to collect all of the things that you do not need from old clothes, to kids toys and throw a garage sale in your back yard. You can sell these things at fairly competitive prices in order to collect some money to buy additional cheap storage space in Singapore for your home. You can even be creative and hide boxes under beds and in other areas of your home that go unnoticed.

You can also add in the option of exchange with a friend or neighbor who can exchange a small piece of furniture that you may like with self-storage for something that you are selling at your garage sale. It would be a great idea to make your garage sale a fun and happening event with music and food. Invite all of your friends and neighbors to join in and have some fun while they look around and possibly buy things that they need for their homes.

In addition to this, to collect extra money you can even choose to bake a few cookies and cupcakes that you can sell at the sale. Baked goods and food items have a high sale potential and therefore will be able to on you quite a bit of money for a home makeover where you will be able to replace some of your furniture with furniture that has storage in it and also with some additional modern storage to help you to store everything that is lying around your home.