Some Unexpected Twists To Make Your Reception More Fun

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If there is one thing that we all can agree on, it is that goof food is imperative for a successful wedding reception. Though there are oh so many features that come to the mind while planning your big day – your dress, décor, guest list, the cake, entertainment and makeup artists, the food on that day will overpower everything else.

Trends are detecting that people are starting to recognize the importance of this more and more. Nobody wants bad food that makes guests talk. Similarly, we all will remember a wonderful and unique wedding catering with delicious food for a long time. Who forgets good food? The DJ is definitely important, but your hungry guests are more of a problem than that. But here we are thinking beyond stuffing them till they can’t breathe, but making your spread a memorable one.

Play around with your dessert

Yes we said play! Try to opt for fun and unconventional options like cronuts, a lovechild between the croissant and the doughnut. These flaking, yummy buttery miracles will be a dream come true for anyone. Delicious and extremely good looking, they will be a great choice.

Why not breakfast for dinner?

Ever wondered why all-day-breakfast joints are such a hit? Yeah we did too. Breakfast items are always comforting and hearty and wins over everyone. Then why not have a delicious buffet catering Singapore spread full of all time favorite items? Fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon and maple syrup anybody? Or keep it healthy with smoothie bowls, fruit platters and yummy yoghurt with granola.

Pair it up

Harmonize your favorite finger food along with a matching cocktail. For a full blown affair – try pairing caviar with vodka. Prefer it more chilled and laid back? Mini burgers and some beer is a perfect match.

Late night munchies

Yass that’s right! Who doesn’t like something to chow down in the late hours of night? Keep them coming. Specially after the dance session when everyone is worked up and developing an appetite by dancing. A favorite comfort food in its miniature form is actually ideal.

Let your guests what they exactly want

We are talking about food stations everyone. A big, long buffet is surely a main focal point at any reception. Why not kick it up a notch with making it a food bar? You can try a pizza station with ample ingredients to go around, burrito bars, desert desks where you get to create your favorite sundae, a cheese station consisting of a wide flavor range of cheeses, with pairings to go with them. Just make sure to label everything so your guests know what exactly is what.