Some Main Reasons For Infertility In Men

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In the olden days, when a couple couldn’t get pregnant the blame was almost always placed on the woman. With there being speculation that there is something wrong with the woman’s fertility. But more recent findings have pointed out that even males can experience infertility due to many reasons. And some such instances can be as discussed below.

It is important that men be educated in this matter in order to get the proper remedies to avoid having to experience infertility. Infertility can easily damage a couple’s relationship causing major problems in understanding each other.

Abnormal production of sperm

There are many males who are unable to produce the right amount of sperm or in some cases, no sperm at all. Main reasons that have been cited for this are undescended testicles, genetic pass down and even varicocele in the penis. Varicocele is a condition of enlarged veins on the penis that most often affects the quality of the sperm.

Problems with erection and sperm

Problems with erection and sperm can be due to premature ejaculation, cystic fibrosis structural problems, damage to reproductive organs or even generic problems. There can be erection problems due to a dull sexual life. But more serious problems are when there is a physical injury to the penis, health conditions even like diabetes and sometimes even certain medications. Stress and alcohol have also been cited as common reasons for problems with erection. You can get an best erectile dysfunction treatment done as a corrective measure.


Not only does diseases have side effects but so does their medications. Especially treatments for major illnesses like cancer and HIV/AIDs can cause major side effects in one’s body. These can reduce the sperm count and or quality of the sperm. In some instances, it can even cause erection problems. But the good news is that these can be reversed with corrective surgeries and remedies as most of the time they are permanent damages. There are surgeries for almost anything today from cosmetic surgeries like facial filler treatment to more serious surgeries that can be life threatening like open heart surgeries. So you don’t have to worry, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Environmental factors

Environmental factors has a major effect on our bodies than we imagine. Most of the people wonder why there are more cases of infertility now than ever before. The simple answer to that question is the environment! More and more people are being affected by the adverse effects of the environment. With people being exposed to dangerous chemicals and radiations. Even the water we drink is contaminated with the pollution caused to environment. And the air we breathe is not at all clean. In fact if we could see how contaminated the air we breathe is, we would be rushing off to plant more trees and plants the very next second!