Is This Right For You?

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Finding the right accommodation could be a tough decision to make. Finding the right accommodation is purely based on yourself. Currently, condo living is quite popular. However, you need to understand whether living in a condo is ideal for you.

A condo is more like an apartment. However, there is no monthly rent as you own your space. Condos come with many extra amenities. Unlike living in a landed house you can make use of facilities such as the gym, the pool and parking. Best thing about these amenities is that you do not have to pay for the maintenance of them. Condos usually come with a centralized security system which you do not have to pay for. Further, unlike purchasing a house with a land, purchasing a condo might even be less expensive in certain cases.

Condos offer the support of a maintenance team that you could call when there is a breakdown or when there is a maintenance due. This reduces the hassle of you trying to get things done by yourself and making a bigger mess or finding a service provider for your maintenance.

Condos are very popular in countries like Singapore. Some might not consider a condo due to the limited space. However, Singapore commercial interior design firms specialize in redecorating condos and are able to make even a small space modern, trendy and comfortable.

Why not?
Everything comes with its positives and its negatives. Purchasing a condo has its cons as well. Even though you can hire a condo interior design firm to make the maximum use of the space you have, finding a condo with ample space as a landed house is a difficult task.

Gardening is important for certain individuals. If you love gardening, purchasing a condo would not be the right choice as you do not get your own patch of land.

Purchasing a condo automatically signs you up for the condo community. You will have someone else living next to your wall. If you do not like the idea of having a community of people living with you in the same building, then a condo is not the right choice for you.

Furthermore, when you live in a condo, there will be certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. There will be curfew to enter and exist, rules on noise and there will be restrictions on age and time to use certain amenities. If you don’t like being controlled by these type of rules, don’t buy a condo!

A huge investment is involved in purchasing a condo. You need to make sure that a condo is what you are looking for and weigh its pros and cons.