How To Cope With Separation And Divorce?

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A divorce can have a huge psychological impact on your life. You will go through an immense emotional upheaval and your life will be subjected to many changes socially, mentally and economically. It will take some time to adjust and you will have some difficult times.
Rely on family and friends
In this emotional time, do not hesitate to rely on your family and friends. You can never get over the situation or accept the current circumstances overnight. Talk to them about your fears and hopes. They will be there to offer you a helping hand when needed. Welcome the overtures of your loved ones and try not to handle everything by yourself. If you have children, your support system can take care of them too, so that they will not feel a huge shift in their lives. There will have to be a period where you have to get used to the idea of your separation. Seek advice from a lawyer to gain an idea about the legal proceedings.
A conveyancing law firm in Singapore can advise you about how to deal with property ownership.
Take a break away from thoughts of divorce
Try to compartmentalize your situation. Take a deep breath and promise yourself that you will not think or talk about the divorce for an hour or two etc. This way your mind will not constantly dwell on your worries. There comes a time when you have to stop worrying constantly and forget about your troubles.
Dealing with guilt
This will be a very tiring time if you have children. They may not understand exactly what is going on. Try to break it to them gently and avoid lying if at all possible. Explain to them simply what has changed and assure them that you will always be there for them. Don’t feel guilty or responsible for what has happened. Once you start blaming yourself you will find yourself spiralling into self-doubt and depression. Be secure in the knowledge that this is exactly what you want and it will make things better for you in life from then on.
Engage in hobbies
Try to engage activities you enjoy such as writing, art, dancing, reading etc. You can also try starting an exercise regimen. This will give you something else to concentrate on and it will be advantageous for your physical and mental health. You can also start doing an entirely new activity that you haven’t tried with your spouse so that there will be no memories attached to it. This will be the first step in the process of acclimatizing to your new situation and life in a positive way.