A Guide To Elegant Dressing

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When people look at what you wear, they immediately make a first impression on your personality and values. So it is always good to be dressed elegantly. This is of utmost importance especially in the workplace where you have to make a good impression on your employers and clients.

First, you have to identify the occasion. Different events call for different styles and varying states of formality. If you’re considering work wear it is better to stay away from flashy colours and go for a formal look. This may differ depending on the industry you work in. The general tip is to look smart and organized. This means having your hair done up neatly with polished shoes and appropriate accessories. You should make sure that you don’t over accessorise. For men, it is better to go for tailor made menswear in Singapore that is a perfect fit for your body. It will highlight your outline and make you look more professional.

This will be completely different when you dress for exercise or what you wear at home. It doesn’t mean you can throw away your organized look and go for a full on shabby ensemble. If you can organize your wardrobe into formal and informal, pile up everything you need and don’t need, you can find out exactly which clothes you can throw out and which you can keep. Older clothes that you no longer wear outside can be altered a little bit and worn at home. The alterations may include the transformation of a dress into a blouse or changing sleeve length of a blouse for a more convenient look.

There are general rules when it comes to selecting what you wear for day and night. When it comes to your daytime wardrobe, select light coloured clothing in the range of whites, pastel, beige or bright colours that fit your complexion. Makeup has to be understated with low or medium heels. Make sure your footwear is comfortable and clean. Night time wear can look more formal than your day wear. Go for darker and richer colours. Simple black dresses or slacks are ideal for formal gatherings. You can wear high heels and add a bit of bling to complete your outfit. Makeup can be more highlighted with bolder colours.

Sometimes you may need to go straight from work to a formal gathering. Understand how to downplay your formal attire. For example, you can wear a cardigan over a cocktail dress making it look more suited for work wear. If your workplace attire is strict, you can wear a formal dress of a dark colour with a coat over it. You can highlight your look later for the night with bold makeup and accessories.